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emotional detox

Ever heard of emotional detox before starting any physical cleanse? Toxins come in different types – physical, mental and emotional toxins. Physical toxins are released by our bodies from time to time due to cellular metabolism. When this happens, emotional toxins such as anxiety, sorrow, resentment and many other negative emotions starts to break free.


The reason why many people feel random spout of emotions such as depression, fear or anger is because we are so capable of suppressing our emotions physically. Basically, we express emotions physically, and it can be stored too.

What to Expect from an Emotional Detox

When a person experiences a traumatic or stressful event, his natural reaction may be grief, fear, resentment, anger or other potentially toxic emotions. In such case, instead of accepting these emotions, some people suppress and repress it. Unless these suppressed emotions are not resolved, all of them will be transformed into emotional toxins.

Negative energies, also are believed to be entrenched into your system and the toxins will impede the natural flow of energy on your body. When applying emotional detox, buried emotions start to surface and have to be released.

You can do proactive steps to resolve these physical issues and that is, by working with your emotions. Every person has their unique way of dealing with this matter.

You may feel the need to re-organize certain aspects of your life while on physical detox. Some people clean up their cluttered homes, clear up unhealthy relationships and break free from alcoholism and unhealthy eating patterns.

But the secret is simply, to allow it to happen. Recognise the release of emotions and don’t repress or fight yourself. The essence of this is to let go of the emotional toxins buried inside you. Do not re-bury it.

Once we get rid of the emotional toxins, we experience new awareness in ourselves and our surroundings. Then, our minds begin to clear up. This allows us to rise into our consciousness. When you encounter strong feeling and it does not measure up with your present circumstance, there’s a possibility that old memories or emotions will surface and need to be cleared.

Childhood emotional memories can be highly influential as the person grows. When a child is growing up, their limbic system is activated and they may view an event as traumatic or stressful although it didn’t seem so for adults. Kids don’t have the mental faculties yet to process such emotions, making a situation too big or scary for them. These memories can trigger certain systems once the child matures. If you are willing and comfortable, simply be open-minded to the idea that these types of emotions and memories will arise and be processed during the emotional cleansing.

When Not to Do Emotional Detox

Prior to the commencement of any form of cleanse, it is necessary to ask your health care professional or physician. Cleansing is not advisable for people with current illness, under numerous medications and pregnant. Nursing mothers are advised to apply gentle cleansing with juices and foods. And, they should stay away from supplements and herbs, which can trigger toxin release.

When doing emotional detox, make the cleansing as pleasant as possible. Perform light exercise, do relaxation activities or spend time with nature. While these practices may seem insignificant, they are very important. Do not ignore them and always give your body quality rest when needed while on emotional cleansing.

About Dzung Vu(Price)

Dr. Dzung Vu (Price), Founder of Beyond Good Health Clinics, educates, trains and treats individuals with challenging chronic health conditions. As a holistic medical practitioner with 23 years in practice her goal is to empower her students and clients physically, emotionally and spiritually to allow them to get back on track with a healthy and purposeful life.

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