Healthy Detox with Body Brushing and Skin Care

healthy detox with body brushing and skin care

Healthy Detox for Your Skin

Since our bodies are constantly exposed to a barrage of toxins and pollutants, it is important to have a healthy detox regimen not only internally but also externally. Having a natural ongoing healthy detox system to support the body is the best approach and it only takes a few simple steps to empower your body in scrubbing away impurities and toxins.

The skin is the biggest organ of the body and it provides the barrier to external environment. One of the most important roles of the skin is elimination and detoxification. It is the backup of other elimination organs such as the liver and colon. If the colon or liver becomes overloaded with toxins, the skin will try to compensate by eliminating toxins out from the body, either through sweating them out or through exanthems such as skin rashes or abscesses.

How to Detox Your Skin

Body Brushing

Besides promoting healthy detox, body brushing is said to stimulate blood circulation and support lymph drainage. In this way, you can prevent accumulation of waste products as it is naturally delivered to the heart to be eliminated. On top of that, brushing is an ideal way to exfoliate dead skin.

healthy detox with body brushing and skin care

1. Before taking your morning or evening shower, gently brush your skin with a soft bristle brush from the feet to the chest.

2. Start brushing from the feet and legs then to the groin, abdomen and heart in small circular motion.

3. Brush your upper body and arms with brush strokes towards the heart.

Facial Care

Below are some healthy detox skin care tips:

1. To restore your glow and achieve healthy detox and cleansing, you have to first rehydrate your skin. Start with exfoliation by sloughing off dry, dull skin layer to even out skin tone. Apply a fruit enzyme or clay mask with added organic ingredients such as seaweed, ground almonds or oatmeal. This beauty recipe can help exfoliate dry dead skin and nourish new skin underneath.

2. Apply the mask in warm bath as the steam will open up your pores to allow the nutrients to penetrate into the skin. When you remove the mask, apply a natural moisturizer. Make sure you use natural products that contain active ingredients for treating specific skin issues.

3. For skin dryness, look for products with hyaluronic acid; for liver spots, kojic acid will help a lot. Licorice root can help skin with uneven pigmentation while skin prone to irritation needs oat beta-glucan for relief. Skincare products that contain sulfates and parabens can be too harsh for certain skin types. Soaps that are formulated with sulfates may end up drying the skin, dehydrating it anyway. A diet rich in green leafy vegetables and seaweeds will add sheen and silky luster to your skin.

4. Moisturizing the skin can be a problem as well, especially in dry climate. Ironically, many skin moisturizers actually cause skin dryness. It is because most moisturizer formulations are easily absorbed by dry skin. When water content of the lotion enter the pores, it causes swelling of tissues so wrinkles seems to vanish.

By the time the water evaporates or absorbed in the blood stream, dry skin comes back. The water is not only quickly absorbed but the chemicals found in the cream are also included. Aside from being a major detoxification organ, the skin is also an area of absorption, hence it should be treated carefully. Unfortunately, many highly processed emollients and creams that are incorporated in our night creams and sunscreens are now actually harmful and toxic for the skin.

5. When taking a shower, soaps wash away the natural oil that serves as protection to our skin. You can reestablish the natural protective layer of the skin by using palm- or coconut-oil based creams or organic liquid coconut oil to restore skin moisture and add a soft sheen to the skin.

Sacred Bathing for Healthy Detox

Regardless of culture, water has always been considered as a blessing from the gods. Distinguished as a universal solvent, it washes away the impurities of both body and mind. A sprinkle of holy water can bless the spirit and nourish the visions and dreams. Added into the mix of a rejuvenating soak as a routine to your regular cleanse diet and it will ensure a sound sleep at night. Play soft music, light scented candles and gently wash away the stress. Mineral salts for healthy detox on your skin. After you bathe, apply essential oil like jojoba oil, sesame oil or almond oil on your entire body to bring out a natural glow on your skin.

How to Detox Using Sacred Cleansing Bath

healthy detox with sacred bathing

Herbal infusions or essential oils for healthy detox has been used for centuries to promote psychological, spiritual and physical well-being. The power of aromatherapy is not only limited on improving a person’s mood. The essential oils used possess anti-microbial properties that are highly therapeutic in healing certain skin illnesses.

For rejuvenation, use essential oils:

  • 3 drops geranium & 5 drops lavender for balancing the system
  • 3 drops grapefruit & 5 drops lavender for mental exhaustion or stress
  • 2 drops tea tree, 3 drops lavender & 3 drops bergamot for colds and flu

For a healthy detox use herbal tea/infusion:

  • ¼ cup organic lavender flowers & ¼ cup organic rose petals
  • ¼ cup chamomile flowers, ¼ cup passionflower & ½ cup oats
  • ¼ calendula flowers & ¼ cup chamomile flowers

In a tub of bathwater, add a cup of magnesium bath salts, or baking soda or ½ cup CHI Healing Earth, along with a herbal infusion or essential oil. When adding essential oil, mix 6 to 10 drops of oil to ¼ cup honey and add to bathwater. For the herbal infusion, bring 2 liters of water to boil. Remove it from heat and put the herbs. Allow it to steep for 20 minutes and strain into the water.

A healthy detox of the skin is all about maintaining the elimination channels pure and clean while dealing complex skin problems such as rosacea, acne or psoriasis. These are all body signs indicating that toxins have already built up. In order to completely detoxify your body, you need to follow a plan on how to detox that will invariably help and benefit the skin and lessen its toxic load.

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