Healthy Detox with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

healthy detox

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative therapy that utilises aromatic plants, essential oils and other natural compounds for the purpose of improving a person’s mood or health.

Essential Oils for Healthy Detox

Essential oils for healthy detox are often used for promoting physical, spiritual and psychological well-being. Extracted from different plants, they are volatile in nature, substance that easily evaporates.

Essential oils can be extracted from the leaves, petals, resins, flowers, roots, twigs, berries and rinds of fruits. Its anti-microbial properties are highly medicinal, especially for fighting bacteria and fungi. Since essential oils are highly concentrated, they can be stronger and more potent than herbs by up to 40 times.Due to the volatile nature of essential oils, only the ones taken via cold expression or distillation can be considered as true essential oils.

Essential oils, through our olfactory nerves, influence the limbic system, which is the most primitive part of consciousness as well as the emotional center of the body. Our unconscious fears and beliefs of survival are concentrated in this part of the brain. While they are a staple for gentle therapy, essential oils are capable of reaching deep in to your psyche, providing a healthy detox by its relaxing effect to the mind and uplifting the spirit.

You can use essential oils in many ways. However, they should not be ingested unless prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. Applying essential oils via massage is an effective method as it is enhanced by the benefits of touch. Massage therapy has the ability to promote blood and lymph flow, enhance nervous conductivity and increase energy.

Wood Element

The wood element signifies the increasing Qi that comes from the kidney and spreads it outward to the world. Compassion is the highest expression, which arises from being able to ‘see’ real human condition. The spirit’s generosity nourishes our goal to expand into the world. Below are some refreshing and cooling oils that can nourish, promote healthy detox and harmonize with the liver by infusing the essence of wood energy.

  • Chamomile – easy acceptance, control, calm

  • Rose – self-acceptance, love and trust

  • Bergamot –uplift, release, relax

  • Sweet orange – adaptability, ease and optimism

  • Lavender – composure, easy self-expressiolm

Flower Essences for Healthy Detox

Flower essences are gentle liquid extract that are ingested to address issues on soul development, emotional well-being and mind-body health. Although the use of flowers for therapeutic purposes like healthy detox or cleanse has begun since ancient times, the exact application of this substance for particular emotions and feelings was first created by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician.

Flower essences actually do not contain medicinal components but due to the life forces found in the plant, it creates a vibrational effect on the person. Flower essences have the subtle power, embodying the particular energy pattern of every flower. It worked through the different human energy fields, and in turn influence emotional, mental and physical being.

To ease your anxiety and nervousness, you can use chamomile and Indian pin. Chamomile relieves emotional tension, specifically in the abdominal nerves and stomach. On the other hand, Indian Pink eases anxiety due to daily worries and fears.

To balance emotions, Indian paintbrush and Forget-Me-Nots are the best flower essences to choose. Indian paintbrush is a plant native in Colorado area while forget-me-not essence is good for reconnecting to the core essence when feeling scattered.

Besides keeping a good state of mental and physical health, some essential oils have been known to support powerful yet healthy detox that aid both the body and mind.Besides massage, essential oils for healthy detox can also be used on detox baths.

About Dzung Vu(Price)

Dr. Dzung Vu (Price), Founder of Beyond Good Health Clinics, educates, trains and treats individuals with challenging chronic health conditions. As a holistic medical practitioner with 23 years in practice her goal is to empower her students and clients physically, emotionally and spiritually to allow them to get back on track with a healthy and purposeful life.

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