When can I start the Nutritional Detox?

You can start today. Simply sign up, and you’ll receive access into the Nutritional detox Hub. From there, you’ll be advised step-by-step through the process. You’ll print your Nutritional Detox Recipe E-Book, you’ll watch a video, and listen to your first lecture to get started. You’ll be guided via regular emails: to listen, watch or read the next step of inspiration and deepen your better body collaboration project.

To whom is the Nutritional Detox best suited for?

The full range of beginning students who have never detoxed before to advance detoxers are all welcome. I will lead you deeper into your intuition, your body, and your kitchen.

When is the next live online cleanse with you?

The next group goes live November 9, 2013. It’s best to sign up now so that you can get ready. If you’d like to get a group, let us know, and we’ll send you the recipe cards to share.

Do you supply the recipes?

Yes. There are three recipe packets: pre-cleanse recipes, deep cleanse recipes, and recipes for emerging from the cleanse. These packets offer plenty of options, ideas, and choices. I recommend that you use only a few of the recipes and simplify your food choices during the cleanse. Please experiment and create new recipes using your own combinations of the cleanse foods.

What is in Nutritional Detox Cleanse Kit (optional) $120?

Included in the kit are:

  • Stainless steel tongue scraper
  • Organic herbs and spice detox formulas for purification, bowel strengthening and calm.
  • "Healthy Colon Flow"
  • "Digestive Ignite"
  • "Stress Balancing & Blood Purification"
  • Organ Detox Formula I (drainage remedy)
  • Healthy gynostemma tea
  • Neti Pot
  • CHI programmed crystal (for oil self massage)
  • CHI Healing Earth
  • CHI Nourishing Face Mask
  • Healthy Colon Flow: This wonderful herbal blend helps to cleanse and strengthen your colon. It is a great bowel healer and tonic, useful for constipation. Dosage: Take 1 tsp in water before bed and upon arising again if you don't have a complete bowel movement.

    Digestive Ignite: For those with irregular appetite, bloating, digestive discomfort, or a white-coated tongue, this formula is a mix of spices. Ignite your digestion to burn toxins and improve nutrient absorption. Dosage: 1 cap before each meal.

    Stress Balancing & Blood Purification Formula:
    contains 4 powerful anti-stress, anxiolytic, nervine, brain tonic and blood purification herbs: Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, Manjistha & Bhringaraja. Helpful for adapting to stress and regaining a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. Dosage: 1 tsp in water twice daily.

What is in the Nutritional Detox Booklets? (Welcome Booklet, Recipe Booklet, Personalized Detox Booklet )

All include:

  • Receive a colorful booklet to guide your cleanse
  • Cleanse Recipes for meals, juices, elixirs, superfoods, salads, soups, and teas!
  • Guidelines for your Ayurvedic Bodytype
  • Daily Rituals of Cleansing
  • Self-Care Guides

My husband wants to cleanse too. Can the two of us cleanse together for the price of one person?

Yes! Anyone in your immediate family is invited to all of the course materials. Purchase an extra detox kit.

Will I need to spend a lot of money on supplements?

Supplements are optional. The detox kit include what you need for an extra $120.

Do I need to take a lot of supplements and buy the Nutritional Detox kit?

No. Simply using water, fruits, and vegetables will create a fantastically effective cleanse. Herbs are often helpful to go deeper or to help clear away any detoxifying effects of the cleanse. For example, herbs of purification such as triphala or manjistha assist in downward flow. The Firestarter blend is excellent for increasing digestive fire if the body produces excess mucous in the detoxification process. Certain herbs and spices allow the process of detoxification to happen with greater ease and grace.

Will the foods during the cleanse cost a lot of money?

Most people save money during the cleanse because the cost of whole foods is generally less than that of pre-packaged foods. Those choosing the juice fast may spend considerably more due to the large quantities of fresh vegetables required. I also encourage harvesting wild foods including unsprayed dandelion greens or buying organic if possible. I generally consume free local greens when I cleanse.

Do I need a juicer or blender to participate?

You don’t need a juicer but juicing is a great option. Try borrowing a juicer from a friend and see if you like it. I use a blender more than a juicer when I detox. I like the Vitamix.

Do I need any special computer skills or software to download the classes?

You need to be able to press the play button on a website, or use a telephone to listen live on the calls. You have the option of downloading an mp3 file to your smart phone and printing the e-books. We have technology instructions for those unfamiliar with downloads. If you don’t have a computer or a phone you can’t do this cleanse.

What phone service do you recommend for the teleconference calls?

Having a free Google Talk account or purchasing skype credit online is a budget option for those needing more minutes. Everything is accessible for download the day after the call on our forum.

What foods does the cleanse focus on or eliminate?

The Nutritional detox focuses on adding in nutrients, enzymes and prana through green vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds primarily. Your intuition will become awakened through the course focus steering you towards these foods in the right quantity and diversity for your constitution.

The Nutritional detox is unique to each member, depending on your experience and your goals. The course awakens the part of yourself that knows better (smart self or higher self). You naturally end up eliminating those that are no longer serving you or keeping you stuck in old patterns. Frequently, connections are made between mental patterns, emotional patterns and cravings.

The Nutritional detox attunes you to seasonal eating. So as you emerge, you crave that which is seasonal, local, and good for your constitution. You peel the layers (physical, mental, emotional) away and awaken to more vitality on all levels. The desire to keep your body clear and open is natural.

What will I eat?

It depends. The Nutritional Detox is not only about food, it’s much more about awakening your intuition to evolve your food body. For someone who is currently eating processed foods, the Nutritional detox will be a transition from processed foods (foods in boxes, cartons, frozen, or canned) to meals including whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouts and whole cooked grains.

For those who regularly eat a whole foods diet, the cleanse might incorporate more living foods. Living foods are not heated above 45 degrees, the temperature at which enzymes die. An example of a living foods daily menu might include a green smoothie for breakfast, a salad at lunch, and a raw soup for dinner. A living foods diet incorporates leafy greens or straight chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes leafy greens green and provides healthy oxygenation and detoxification.

Many of us incorporate a mix of foods in our diets and so the cleanse will reflect that. For all of us, the cleanse is a time to refine or refresh our kitchens, our kitchen practices or sadhana, and our routines around our food body.

What else is the cleanse about if it’s not just about food?

In addition to mindful and intuitive eating, the cleanse involves taking retreat in your home and in your daily life. Many people wish they could stop working or have fewer of their normal responsibilities during the cleanse. The Nutritional detox views our daily lives and work lives as gifts. Learning to retreat within the busy-ness of life and the change of seasons will instill a life-changing upgrade for the season to come and your entire lifetime! This is achieved through incorporating daily self-care techniques that detoxify the body and nourish and nurture the soul. These skills will last and enhance for a lifetime.

Do I have to join the Nutritional Detox Facebook private group?

Yes, all members are encouraged to join the Nutritional Detox Facebook private group. This serves as forum platform aside from the live calls. You can post questions, comments and share your detox experiences, particularly your progress, difficulties or any problem you are encountering during the nutritional detox.

Who will answer our questions in Facebook group?

Dr. Dzung Price, the head and facilitator of the Nutritional Detox programme, will personally answer questions in Facebook group.

Do I need to have a Facebook account to join the Nutritional Detox Facebook private group?

Yes. You need to sign up in www.facebook.com to create your account.

How can I join the Facebook private group if I’m already signed up to Facebook?

To join the Nutritional Detox Facebook private group, take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/NutritionalDetox/
  3. On the right upper corner of the Nutritional Detox Facebook page, find and click the “JOIN GROUP” button.

Dr. Dzung Price or the admin of the private group will approve your request to join the group. Once your request had been accepted, you can then make  posts on the group FB wall.

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