Boosting Your Natural Liver Detoxification System

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Impairment of the liver detoxification system may happen due to insufficient or overload function. Inadequate detoxification has been associated to several chronic diseases including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s, chemical sensitivities, and lung and colon cancer. It has been suggested that nearly 90% of all cancer cases are because of compromised liver detoxification of xenobiotics. Therefore, a person’s ability to get rid of toxins from the body may play a critical role in the origin or aggravation of a different range of chronic illnesses and diseases.

Our detox pathways may be inhibited due to a number of factors. It is important to strengthen our metabolic detox system with liver cleansing foods. Diets that contains high amounts of additives, sugar and contaminants are usually low in co-factors needed for detoxification. Gender and age influence our ability to cleanse since hormones stimulate the enzymes and they decrease in amount with age.

Factors that Can Impair Liver Detoxification System

Several bad habits such as smoking, lifestyle and stressful jobs or professions where they may be unwarranted exposure to environmental carcinogens or xenobiotics, can also influence liver detoxification activity. Disease can affect enzyme activity to either inhibit or upregulate the detox processs.

Below are other environmental toxins that can potentially impair our liver detoxification system.

1. Intake of Phenobarbital can lead to chronic induction of Phase I.

2. Alcohol, caffeine, organophosphorus pesticides, exhaust fumes, barbiturates and saturated fats can induce Phase I.

3. Red grape skin contains elegiac acid that has been reported to induce Phase II and decrease Phase I activity.

4. Oil, soy, rosemary and cruciferous vegetables are liver cleansing foods that contain compounds that may induce enzyme activities in Phase II.

5. Taking acetaminophen can cause inhibition by depleting co-factors. The drug is believed to be metabolized through sulfation and can deplete co-factor or reduce blood levels. Because of this, it is important to keep sulfate reserves through dietary intake of sulfur-based amino acids from meat and other dietary sources (e.g. onions, corn, oats, garlic, cashews, almonds, legumes, sesame seeds, leafy greens, avocado).

Increase in toxic load can be due to consumption of drug or struggle between several compounds, which can overwhelm the system. This can raise the competition of detoxification enzymes. Grapefruit is high in naringenin, a type of flavonoid, is said to inhibit drug metabolism, which are detoxified via a specific enzymatic pathway.

Tips to Strengthen Natural Liver Cleanse

The liver handles a huge portion of our toxic load. As such, it seems ideal to focus on natural liver cleansing foods during detox. Vegetables and fruits are very beneficial but you can increase the detoxifying effect by eating sulfur-rich foods. Liver cleansing foods rich in sulfur are known as natural liver cleanse agents, detoxifying environmental toxins such as pesticides and drugs.

Your liver plays an incredibly important role in detoxification. Besides filtering blood for waste elimination, it uses a two-phase liver detoxification process for breaking down chemicals and removing toxins.

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Dr. Dzung Vu (Price), Founder of Beyond Good Health Clinics, educates, trains and treats individuals with challenging chronic health conditions. As a holistic medical practitioner with 23 years in practice her goal is to empower her students and clients physically, emotionally and spiritually to allow them to get back on track with a healthy and purposeful life.

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