Dr Dzung Price

Dzung Price

Dr Dzung Price is a holistic integrative medical doctor with over 22 years clinical experience, widely trained in Nutrition and Environmental Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Anti-aging medicine, Acupuncture, Bio-energetic Medicine and Homotoxicology. She is the co-found of 2 multi-disciplinary practices called Beyond Good Health located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Dr Dzung doesn’t treat problems or even symptoms – she treats people and specializes in getting to the root cause of disease combining ancient eastern wisdom and philosophies with modern medicine.

Using a comprehensive array of healing modalities, cutting edge health technology and self empowerment solutions, Dr Dzung and her health team are passionate about turning people’s health around to create vibrant wellbeing, high energy states and a champion mindset in body, mind and spirit. Dr Dzung is a practitioner, author, lecturer to complementary health practitioners, speaker and workshop presenter.

Dr Dzung is well known for her groundbreaking work in the field of allergy medicine, longevity strategies, nutrition and fast detoxifying strategies. She is the author of “Your Allergy Free Child”, “7 Day Detox Guide” and “Younger, Healthier Skin at Any Age”, and a contributing author to the authoritative textbook for GPs “General Practice: the Integrative Approach” published by Elsevier Health.

Her work now focuses on her approach to help people regain a life of vitality, abundant health and connected purpose. Today, she combines her knowledge about the physical, emotional and spiritual body linking ancient wisdom with modern science to help people connect to the core vitality and essence that spurs truly remarkable lives, relationships and careers. She regularly practices qi gong, tai chi and yoga to as part of her health and spiritual evolution – to discover your true authentic self – a place of unencumbered and joyful existence.

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