The 21-Day Detox Challenge

The 21-day detox challenge to deeply rest,
feel better and get clean
Starting Live: 09 November 2013

Do you want a detox that grounds and sustains your results?

The current pace of life is faster than ever before. We now need specific skills, mindset and habits to feel consistently great. Chances are, if you have not cultivated and practised these mindset and healthy habits, you may feel less than vibrant and energetic. You may feel sluggish, stressed and dulled, going through the repetitive motions of life trying to meet the silent expectations and demands of others.

You are not living life on your own terms.

If you’re not leaning into the edge of your vibrant health every day, if you’re not waking fresh and energetic every day, feeling motivated, turned on and inspired, then you are not living your full waking potential in all areas of your life.

Perhaps it is time you need to press the RESET button.

Chances are, you could have more energy, healthier cravings and more zest for life than you currently experience. You may even be able to redefine the way you experience aging, become more effective and productive, and get in touch with your own body’s wellness wisdom, at your own level.

I would like to offer you a life-long tool that you can develop with lasting benefits and integration of a peak “thrive” experience into your daily life. I want to coach you to be an empowered choice-maker and care-taker of a fabulous and healthy body.

Get ready now to press the RESET button.

Perhaps you:

  • Feel like you need more discipline to create better habits
  • Would like to find and maintain your ideal bodyweight
  • Are curious if you could feel even better than you do now
  • Wish you had healthier cravings
  • Wish you had more time for what you want to do
  • Know that your current habits don’t serve you
  • Deeply desire to make changes but can’t sustain them
  • Long for the day you wake up feeling energetic, on top of your life in tune with your body and at ease with your positive daily routines

You think you need an enormous willpower and discipline to make deep changes.

You might think you don’t have it in you.

The good news is:

There is an easier to way learn better habits, change your cravings and life in harmony with your body.

After 22 years of teaching people how to regain their health and having personally experienced and instructed numerous cleanses and detoxes for thousands of patients, I know that your habits and your mindset determine your level of health. The Alchemy of Nutritional Detox focuses on creating better habits and mindset in 4 short weeks. You’ll change what you are eating and thinking. You’ll change what you watch and listen to, how you organize your environment, how you clean your teeth, look after your skin, support your lungs and when you go to bed.

You are going to press the reset button.

Then, after 4 short weeks, a new momentum will be established. You’ll be waking up earlier with boundless energy. You’ll be craving foods that light up and nourish your cells. You’ll be in the flow of better health and positive mental state. It will be a simple transition for a much better body ahead…a body that effortlessly supports and sustains whatever you want to achieve in life.

This new life is within your reach. And the good news is that you can make lasting changes to your cravings, your habits, your diet and your energy level in just 4 short weeks.

I am calling you to let go of the busyness. Let go of the pattern of putting your real self last. Let go of a relationship to life that may not have enough time for no-thing. This is an invitation to let go of outdated patterns. A call to presence. A call to get ready for the next engagement with the right relationships, a deeper connectivity, and a stronger resolve to that which is really working right now.

That is what I’m up to starting at the end of October. I am taking people through a live 3 weeks (with 1 week preparation before) group alchemical nutritional detox program online, in the comfort of your own home.

I hope you will join me.


What can you feel like in 4 short weeks?
  • You will feel so vibrant and inspired that you rekindle your love for life
  • You will feel clearer, lighter and uplifted
  • You will crave that which is truly nourishing and supportive
  • You will connect with your deeper truth and source of inner power
  • You can tap into deeper sources of energy
  • You can make your home and kitchen more harmonious and supportive
  • You will equip yourself with the energy and clarity to live your life purpose, deepen your path and inspire others
  • You will redefine how you will age
  • You will let go of the outdated patterns and make better choices in many aspects of your life

I’m going to walk you step-by-step through an effective and easy detox and alchemical transformation at home.

I will teach you in a simple way, how to release that which is holding you back. I will guide you through a step by step course to enable you to evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have over 2 decades experience in helping people break through into vibrant and sustainable health.

  • How to take amazing care of your sacred body
  • How to shift from overwhelm to ease
  • How to integrate body and mind
  • How to get grounded in better daily detox and energy practices
  • How to deeply cleanse according to your constitutional body type
  • How to release what is holding you back, emotionally and physically
  • How to attune to your wellness longevity map
  • How to support yourself so that you stop feeling unsupported
  • How to design a body that can have healthier cravings and a deeper immune integrity

And much more…

Join us now.

You will feel reinvigorated with a new found zest for life. You are going to take charge of your body and optimize your life. You’ll learn how to take the best care of yourself in a way that is easily sustainable.

A more alive, awakened, energetic version of you is only a few weeks away. JOIN US.

Nutritional Detox Program

Basic $250

Nutritional Detox Program & Nutritional Detox Cleanse Kit

Deluxe $370 includes kit

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